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Am I over cautious?

This morning I had a strange feeling. We are currently selling some technical stuff on Facebook marketplace. Laptops. Computer. Beamer.

Yesterday morning I had a request from a guy asking for my phone number. No questions about the item, just my phone number. Thought this is strange. Didn’t gave him my number. Offered meeting him in Torre del Mar. The entire conversation went on, and he was persistent asking for my phone number. ‘He wants my location’, he wrote finally this morning.

That’s when my alarm bells were ringing. I checked his Facebook profile and saw that he is from Romania. Dodgy looking guy. I blocked him immediately. Why would he need my location when I told him we meet in Torre del Mar? Living in London for 15 years made me aware of many burglaries (we had one, and all my mum's jewelry was stolen) and robberies.

I might be mistaken, and this guy had no proper reasons to ask for my phone number. My gut feeling told me to be careful.

As a consequence, I deleted what’s left on marketplace. Furthermore, I just had my ID card and driving license copied and laminated. In my handbag, I carry just the copies, the original documents I leave at home.

My concern is: if the Spanish economy goes down more and more, crime will increase. I make this public because I want to make you aware. Check what you carry in your handbag. Check what you post. Fortunately, almost all technical equipment has been sold now, no need to check us out.

I hope this posting finds you well. I don’t want to over-exaggerate but it worries me. What’s your opinion?

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