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Axarquia walks

👣 Great morning walk to blow the Christmas 🎄 cobwebs 🕸 -and kilos- away. We started in Sayalonga and went all the way to the beautiful white washed village of #Competa

It’s was chilly, only about 11 degrees. But the clear blue sky made the perfect walking weather.

If you haven’t visited Competa yet, you need to go. We had tea 🍵 and a small snack at the main square before walking back to #Sayalonga

After 4 hours and 20.000 steps I was back home 🏠 on the sofa 🛋 not moving for the rest of the day. Big thanks to my lovely walking ladies Jess, Magda and Ingri (muchas gracias for the photos 😘). Looking forward to more walks in our wonderful Axarquia

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