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BaoBab Beach House

The Great Spanish Sun Lounger Test!

It's summer 21! My friend Marielle and I have decided to do a Sun Lounger – Chiringuito – Beach test in the upcoming weeks. We check out the most popular – and maybe underrated and unknown – beach clubs in Andalusia, mainly in the Axarquia region, east of Malaga.

First Stop: Baobab Beach Club in Algarrobo Costa. That’s about 40 kilometers east of Malaga.

In short: We loved it!

In our overall rating Baobab reached a 9,1 out of 10! Well done.

In detail: we have developed a questionnaire with 12 questions (you know, I am German, when we do something, we do it efficiently and properly 🤣 ) such as “welcoming/greeting”, Atmosphere, Decoration, clean, food & drinks quality, food & drinks selection, staff outfit, customer service, beach, total bill.

The first impression was great, the staff welcomed us immediately. The second impression was even better: Sunbeds with a thick mattress and a nice umbrella. We made ourselves home and started chatting. When ladies meet you have to discuss the last days in detail, you know. Time was flying, and suddenly it was 2 hours later. Shame that no customer service came to offer drinks or snacks, we were quite thirsty and hungry and would have ordered a small bite.

But it was Lunchtime anyway and we took our seats in the restaurant. Looking at the menu, we were impressed. Not a typical Chiringuito, but a yummy selection of different bites. Bit pricier, but let’s see if the quality pays off. E.g., we always order bread and Aioli, typical Spanish nibbles. Usually, it’s about 2euros but in Baobab it is 6.50euro. We ordered.

It was well worth it! 3 types of homemade (!) bread, large portions of 2 types of homemade aioli. Well presented on a board. This was followed by our selected Tuna Tataki (15.50e) and BaoBab Salad (13.50e). Both dishes were of great quality, fresh ingredients, and wonderfully presented.

After lunch including 2 glasses of chilled white wine, and after a rest on the sunbeds, we went swimming. The beach isn’t great, I must admit. It's not sandy, it's stones. A bit difficult to get in and out of the water. But surely – as soon as you are in the water – is lovely.

We stayed at the beach until 9pm, without realizing how late it had became. The bill came up with 73.50e for food and drinks. Did I mention the cocktails we had? Sunbeds are 4euros each.

Resumé: Baobab is well worth a visit! The staff is very friendly and customer service orientated, which’s not always easy to find. Minor issues we had (not enough sugar in the Mojito, no toilet paper in the ladies) were solved immediately. A great Beach Club to spend a relaxing day, afternoon, or evening at the sea. We rate Baobab 9,1 out of 10 stars 🌟 )

Next Friday we continue the “Great Spanish Sun Lounger test”. If you have a particular beach bar you want us to visit, or if you have a question, please let us know.

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