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Bere Bere

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Safe the best for Last!?

BereBere Chiringguito in Torre del Mar was always my favorite beach restaurant. In August 2018 it burned down completely, was set up again, and reopened a year later. Ever since I liked it. We went there for my birthday, for Christmas lunch and several times during the year. Until October it was not part of "The Great Spanish Sun Lounger test" because I wanted to try something new and different. Middle of October my friend Anci suggested "let's do a beach day, let's go Bere Bere".

Now it was time for a review.

Did Bere Bere stick to expectations when working with a questionnaire and a rating from 1 (very bad) to 10 (super duper)?

It was the middle of October, and temperatures were still hot in Andalusia. We arrived early at 11am and occupied our sun loungers. Within a short time, a member of staff approached us asking to pay for the loungers 5 Euro per person. I was asking if sun loungers are free of charge when eating lunch later on, but it was refused. Ok, some do free loungers when you eat, others don't. I was told that 5 years ago, loungers were always free at Bere Bere. A year later it changed to be paid in the summer, but free from September. Now, it's always paid. Times are changing, no problem.

We enjoyed the warm weather, went for a swim in the sea which still had a pleasant 22 degrees, relaxed, and chatted. At 2 pm it was time for lunch. And although it was a Thursday during the week, the restaurant was quite full. We sat, and the waiter came to ask the same old question "bebidas" drinks? As usual, we asked for a drinks menu and expected the same old answer "no drinks menu available". Wait! Nooooot here! "Yes, I bring you a drinks menu". WhooHoo! That was a change!

I wrote about the non-existing drinks menus several times already because I don't understand why restaurants miss this opportunity for upselling. All kinds of menus are inspiring to order something new and try different choices. But in Andalusia, you hardly get any drinks menus and I end up always ordering the same boring stuff - beer or wine.

Drinks Menu! Yes!

The drinks menu arrived!

And another WhooHoo Hoo!!

A full cocktail menu.

A full Gin menu.

Separate Wine and Champagne menu!

Very happy I almost studied the drinks menu and guess what!? I found a "Pisco Sour" Cocktail which I last had about 20 years ago. I immediately ordered. Anci and Jane changed their usual wine order and went for 'Espresso Martini' after looking through the menu. I told you! Have a drinks menu and you do the upselling automatically.

Drinks sorted! Prost!

Now. Food menu.

Heidewitzka! (very German expression for being super impressed).

The menu itself is a twist of wok, fusion, fish, meat, and traditional Spanish dishes like croquetas. They even offer Oysters for 3.50 Euro each, and Caviar 30 gram start at 45 Euro.

But I don't want Bere Bere to sound posh or expensive! Wait what we paid, although we ordered 4 oysters.

Apart from the Oysters, we went for Burrata salad, and wok Noodles with prawns. The 'Quesadilla' wasn't available, and we changed to Tuna Tartar. All to share, what we always do. The food arrived. Honestly? It was Fantastic! Amazing. To the point. Well presented. All of us rated a 10 out of 10.

As our cocktails were finished, we wanted to order a bottle of Cava (the Spanish prosecco) and that was quite expensive, a bottle of 28 Euros. Must admit, it wasn't the cheap one it was a rather better Cava.

When the bill arrived, later on, it was less than expected, remember we had Oysters, Cocktails, and an expensive bottle of Cava. All together 110 Euro, not too bad, us thinking. We had lunch in a beautiful surroundings at the beach. What else to ask for?

Our overall rating for Bere Bere is 9.3. This is the best rating in the "Great Spanish Sun Lounger Test" 2021 and our overall winner. Congratulations Bere Bere, well be back!

The Great Spanish Sun Lounger Test 21:

1st place: Bere Bere, Torre del Mar 9.3 out of 10

2nd place: La Brisa Benajarafe 9.2 out of 10

3rd place: Baobab Beach House Algarrobo Costa 9.1 out of 10

4th place: Mambo Torrox 8.4 out of 10

5th place: La Palapa Malaga 8 out of 10

6th place: Cantarrijan Nudist Beach 10 beach / 7.9 Restaurant out of 10

DEUTSCH FKK in Andalusien 10 Punkte fuer den Strand, 7.9 fuer das Restaurant

7th place: La Isla Almayate 6.2 out of 10

Not rated, last on the list: Cacola in El Morche - see Facebook & Instagram

Recommended (or not??) Water Sports in Andalucia:

ENGLISH Sup Yoga La Herradura

DEUTSCH Sport und Spass mit Sup Yoga

ENGLISH Canyoning Rio Verde

DEUTSCH Canyoning Rio Verde

"The great Spanish sun lounger test" continues next summer 22!

In the wintertime, we are running "Hells Kitchen or Master Chef" - testing restaurants in Andalusia. We started already with The Avo in Frigiliana.

Follow me and review me on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for the latest information. Your feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading.

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