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Bossa Playa Torrox

I was following the beach club Bossa Playa in Torrox for quite a while on Instagram. Their photos are well presented and attractive and I wanted to go and check it out for “The great Spanish sun lounger test “. IT's the middle of October, the days are still warm and pleasant and I went again with my friends Jane and Anci to find out: Is Bossa playa as good as their Instagram photos look?

The night before I sent a Whatsapp message to reserve 3 sunbeds at Bossa Playa. I was pleased to receive a confirmation within an hour! The same WhatsApp Number never replied to my messages in July, assuming they are too busy in the summer. But in October it worked out!

Arriving on Friday at 11.30 am the reservation was known and the sunbeds at 5.50 Euro each were set up immediately. I had to take our puppy dog RockY for an hour to the beach, my husband picked him up an hour later. Assuming dogs are not allowed in the summer, but in the middle of October, it wasn't a problem. When our drinks arrived, RockY's water bowl was served in style, too.

There is a sun lounger section on the beach and another section behind a metal fence. Not quite sure why this is. But the metal fence created a bit of a weird look, I must admit.


After a few hours of chatting, it was time for lunch.

My favorite topic - the drinks menu - was printed on the large food menu. But only wine, beer, and soft drinks. Anci asked for a Cocktail menu and was directed to the QR code on the table. We scanned the QR code - no free WiFi, unfortunately - and decided to start with Cocktails. A mistake? Well! Read on:

Cocktail Chaos

The Espresso Martini at 6.50 Euro was presented in style! Wow! 10 out of 10 points. The taste was a 9 out of 10 points. But then: I had ordered a Watermelon Mojito, which arrived looking good! But the taste! Ohhh nooooo! The taste was super sweet, nothing else but super sweet. When the waiter asked "if the Mojito is fine", I replied, "no, not really.....". He took it away and replaced it with another Watermelon Mojito 10 minutes later. But - shame shame shame - same taste: super sweet! We figured out that they are using Sirup instead of fruits, and add a lot of sugar. No surprise that the taste wasn't great. The waiter asked again, I replied again, and he offered to change the cocktail. That was nice. I went for a Margarita this time, which arrived 15 minutes later. This time the taste was okay-ish.... wouldn't order again, but I appreciate the effort and the changes.

The Food - hit-and-miss

Tja (German expression for not knowing what to say.....)

We had Ali-Oli 1.80 Euro. The look was a great green color, but there was no taste. The Gambas Pil Pil 8.50 Euro we liked! The Poke Atun salad at 14.50 Euro was good, but Mangos came right out of the freezer and were still frozen.

The Tataki Tenera with Wasabi ice cream and caramelized onions was superb. The Glazed ribs were tasteless. So? Hit and miss, I would say.

Interesting - I thought - it was a Friday afternoon, and we have been the only ones in the Restaurant. All other tables were empty. Why was that? Was it because of the metallic chairs without cushions? Not very comfy, I must say.

So why is Bossa Playa empty?

It was opened just before the lockdown in March 20 hit. I heard rumors that the owner wanted to establish a beach club Marbella style. Targeted guests are party-people age 20-30, that's why they do DJ and live music Friday and Saturday night. They are still concentrating on the youngsters? I am wondering why you would do this: They are not the big spenders in Torrox. Bossa Playa forgot to look after the residents, living here all year round, and spending lots of money in Chiringuitos during the day. I am assuming this shows now and that's why the place is rather empty.

Our overall rating for Bossa Playa in Torrox is 7.5 out of 10.

Restaurant, customer service, beach, all together a bit of hit-and-miss.

Please note: All reviews we do are not advertising which makes them 100% authentic.

We always pay for our visits! We had discussed asking for a freebie, free lunch, or free sun loungers. But we decided against it because you are trapped and can't review honestly.

The Great Spanish Sun Lounger Test 21:

1st place: Bere Bere, Torre del Mar 9.3 out of 10

2nd place: La Brisa Benajarafe 9.2 out of 10

3rd place: Baobab Beach House Algarrobo Costa 9.1 out of 10

4th place: Mambo Torrox 8.4 out of 10

5th place: La Palapa Malaga 8 out of 10

6th place: Cantarrijan Nudist Beach 10 beach / 7.9 Restaurant out of 10

DEUTSCH FKK in Andalusien 10 Punkte fuer den Strand, 7.9 fuer das Restaurant

7th place Bossa Playa Torrox 7.6 out of 10

8th place: La Isla Almayate 6.2 out of 10

Not rated, last on the list: Cacola in El Morche - see Facebook & Instagram

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"The great Spanish sun lounger test" continues as long as the warm weather allows beach days and next summer 22! In the wintertime, we are running "Hells Kitchen or Master Chef" - testing restaurants in Andalusia. We started already with The Avo in Frigiliana.

Follow me and review me on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for the latest information. Your feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading.

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