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Campo Vino

Morning walk 👣 with a surprise.

Like last week, I joined my neighbourhood walking group in the Campo again today. We have chosen a new route, which was again very hilly. All people we meet during our walks are super friendly. Everyone is waving 👋 greeting and saying ‚hola‘.

So we met Julio, and we started talking. He showed us around his garden and introduced us to his neighbours Carmen and Juan. Suddenly, while talking in the garden, they opened their garage door. And there it was: a complete wine making studio 🍷

They are producing Vino from Sayalonga. White and red. Sweet and dry. We were invited for a taster (it was 11am and I had no breakfast before 😱). Well, thoroughly enjoyed the tasting and the remaining walk was much easier 😇

That’s the beauty of Andalusia. People are very friendly and welcoming. It surely is a 2 way street: be nice and people will respond nicely.

So today, I am encouraging you to put a smile 😃 on your face and greet people you meet - no matter if you know them or not. You ll never know whom you meet and you might end up with a wine tasting at 11am #Prost

Sending you love from Andalusia 💓

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