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Chiringuito lunch with QR menus

Hola Chiringuitos!

Hola restaurants!

You are back!

We are back!

Since the Andalusian province of Malaga moved into Phase1 on Monday, restaurants are open. Today, we have visited our favourite beach restaurant and we were thrilled!

About the warm welcome.

The friendly and attentive staff.

About the digital menu!

This is a highlight, and for me a clear winner of the crisis: on each seating place there is a QR code sticker on the table. You scan the code, and the menu is displayed on your smart phone. A brilliant idea! Printed menus are not allowed because they could spread the virus. Hence, QR code stickers on the tables do the job.

Future thinking, who needs printed menus which get dirty anyway?

I loved it!

Being able to go to the beach restaurants again, sit near the sea, hear the waves, the birds. Smell the ocean. Enjoy a glass of chilled Tinto de Verano, the popular Spanish summer drink. Enjoy a light lunch (ok, not so light today, with pasta and hamburger 🍝 🍔 ).

It felt so good.

It raised our energy level.

It boosted our well-being.

Thank you for being back.

Thank you Andalusi.

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