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Fancy tea and coffee?

Fancy a tea you never tasted before?

☕️🍫 Or a chocolate flavoured coffee?

Then I would like to recommend Tea Crush.

The owner Bakhyt Jan Barrett is originally from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿, former Sowjet Unsion. A country where drinking tea is a very important ceremony. Bakhyt used to have her tea shop in Fuengirola but was forced to close down because of lockdown. Now, she is selling all her amazing products online.

I decided to order online (very handy, as I never made it to her shop).

The selection of tea to chose from is large and I had no idea what to order. I opted for the “selection of 10 samples” (like a taster menu) and was still struggling to drill it down to 10.

So I asked Bakhyt, the owner. Telling her that both green tea and black tea upsets my stomach. But apart from that I am lost. She said, don’t worry, I chose for you.

Choosing coffees was much easier. My first choice was the “strawberry cheesecake” flavour 😋, followed by hazelnut and chocolate 🍫 . Beans or grinded you decide.

3 days later I received a beautiful packed parcel with a wonderful selection of teas (I never heard before) and my chosen coffees.

I love it!

It’s very worth ordering from a local specialty shop, rather then always buying your used stuff at the supermarket. I am very happy with the tea selection (will taste my way through) and the flavoured coffees are simply yummy (right now enjoying a cup with hazelnut flavour).

5 stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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