Happy Birthday to ME

Happy anniversary. 2 years ago I started my blog Andalucia Mi Amor. Within these 2 years, I met wonderful people, made great connections, and got many inspiring ideas from followers and readers. Thank you for that!

Whom am I? If we haven't met yet, may I introduce myself: My name is Sabine von Reth, I am German by blood, British by heart, and Spanish by choice. I have been living in the beautiful Axarquia since June 2018 with my husband and our dog. I am a Marketing professional and Journalist with over 30 years of experience in the field. The blog I run 'just for fun' but you'll never know where this path leads you to, right?!

If you like my blog I appreciate a review on Facebook (you know, algorithms love reviews ;-)) or on Google https://g.page/r/CRsz_YJy1tGNEAg/review

Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you, or meeting you one day.

Happy Birthday! Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!

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