House hunting

We are currently facing a difficult time in Andalusia as our long-term rental contract was cancelled. We had planned to stay in our beautiful Campo house several years, but it’s now coming to an unexpected end in February.

Although I know „it’s only a house“ and not „the end of the world“, it causes quite an emotional rollercoaster and you go through emotional phases:

1. Internet research checking many websites and looking at lots of properties for hours and hours and hours

2. finding a property and thinking ‚if this could be the one’ (puls rate rises!)

3. contacting the person in charge and arranging a viewing

4. Until the viewing: checking photos and description again and again and again

5. Viewing day: Driving somewhere and sometimes the drives shows already ‘it’s a no!’ (mood drops)

6. Viewing with massive heartbeat (almost like a first date)

7. Until today : disappointed 😞 Too small. Too shabby. Room sizes not good. Facing north. Neighbours too close. Etc etc

8. Driving home and starting at point 1

I know: these are ‘first world problems’. Nothing to complain or moan too much. We are grateful having many lovely friends helping us searching 🥰

Two days ago I was very low. When I am in that stage I am taking “Bach Rescue Remedy Comfort and Reassure“. This helps me focussing and getting me balance back. Have you tried Dr. Bach? I have been using them for years, always have a small bottle at home.

Today I would like to encourage you to get help when you are low. Help can be a soft medicine such as Dr. Bach or even small amounts Canabis baked as cake or used as oil. Or speak to somebody. Get out for a walk. Cuddle a dog (that helps me, although our Terrier is not a lap dog ). Life consists of good days. And bad days. Accept both. And I promise you, there comes sunshine after rain!

Sending love from Andalusia 💗

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