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How to drink vino in the heat

How to survive drinking a glass of wine (or two) without getting too tipsy in the heat: fill the glass with ice cubes first! Then pour the vino. And don’t cheat 😁 Wishing you a lovely day wherever you are in the world 🌍 The Spanish borders are open again for visitors and tourists. Don’t hesitate to visit this beautiful country 🇪🇸 I am thinking that this summer will be wonderful because we don’t expect as much people as usual in July and August. Hence, it will be quieter, and not over crowded as usual in the high season. We are looking forward to it! Inspirational tip: pimp your garden table with a large photo / picture underneath the glass - it gives a complete new look without buying new furniture. I added a world map! We are now sitting all day searching foreign countries 🧐

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