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Interior decorations

Aktualisiert: 23. Okt. 2020

Cloudy ⛅️ day today. The expected rain didn’t come yet and I decided to stroll along the streets of Torre del Mar this morning. With no particular place to go, I came across a decoration shop “diseno de interiores” Emma Garrido

A family business with 2 shops in Torre del Mar, they sell beautiful decorative items with a sea breeze touch. Shell 🐚 plates. Lobster 🦞 trays. Colourful vases 🏺 ..... see the bright yellow Greek goddess (?) vase! Stunning hey?!

Also, Lighting is available. And yes, I was tempted to buy the fluffy ceiling light (see photo), but thought that’s a bit too much for my hubby 😇

I chatted to Emma’s daughter and she told me about the family business. Lovely lady, speaks very good English!

If you are in Torre Del Mar go there and have a look around. They have beautiful stuff, from small to big. Support your local.

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