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It’s art! Funky Fishes

Andalusia is a great place for artists! Southern Spain 🇪🇸 is perfect for all kinds of creativity, inspiration and positive vibes. Everybody is encouraged to find their -maybe hidden- talents. Express yourself!

Throughout the last 2 years I have met incredible talented people, from painters 👩‍🎨 👨‍🎨 , to fashion designers 👗, to mosaics creators. There are macrame workshops, knitting 🧶 and crotchet specialists. Not to mention the countless singing and music 🎶 teachers. Name it, you ll find it in Andalusia 💓

Today I am proudly presenting my latest project: I attended a clay workshop and created the “funky fishes” 🐟 🐠 A very decorative aquarium without water. An underwater world, with a shark called “Bruce”, a clownfish called Nemo (it had to be done), a disco fish, “golden eye” and “Jack sparrow”. The yellow fish is called “grumpy” and the green one I named “Greengor”.

For me it’s all about colours 🎨 I am not the most talented painter or creator, but I am pretty good in arranging colours and putting the project into the right perspective.

Before living here I have never known that talent. What are your talents? Is there something you like to try? Just do it, you might be amazed with the outcome. Within the next weeks I am going to post more artist works from friends. We are also organising a showroom where you can come along to see objects. Stay tuned.

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