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Lightening up your outdoor area

Autumn is around the corner in Andalusia. The days are getting shorter, with a sunset at around 8.30pm. We still enjoy sitting outside, although wearing a jacket and long trousers now. Our favourite seating area is the gazebo corner. Comfy sofas and a large table, covered by a 3x3 meter Gazebo. The only downside was the missing light. It was quite dark, candles were blown out by the wind or simply not strong enough.

The solution we found early this week!

We just bought 12 meters of LED lights, it is sold on a roll, as many meters you need. My husband installed it alongside of the metal frame of the Gazebo, and ‘HeyHo’: it’s unbelievable! All lit up! The first night I almost thought ‘it’s too light’ as it makes such a difference. We bought the LED at the Chinese shop and paid Euro24 for 12 meters (Euro2 per meter). Various colours and strength at different prices are available.

Now, that our gazebo has been turned into “Spaceahip One”, I am thinking using this LED-on-a-roll for other areas, too, it’s really simple to install. You just need an electricity plug.

To light up the palm trees and the back garden we have installed LED flood lights in various strength - and all is controlled online!

My clever husband René uses an app to switch on/off the lights automatically - called eWeLink. It’s free of charge. We are controlling the pool lights, the water boiler, and our several outdoor lights just using the app. It’s all set with a timer, lights go on, turn off automatically. Every night when the outdoor lights go on we say “oh look, it’s 8pm already”.

Our neighbor loved the outdoor lights and had asked René to install it at her place. He did. That’s not only an improvement for her, but also for us. Watching a nicely lighted garden adds to the entire neighbourhood area. She uses the mobile app, too and was over the moon when René installed it. She smiled and said “that’s really something to show off. None of my friends have got it”.

I would like to encourage you to improve your living space. Small things make a huge difference. Just add one light, or change the position of an existing light. Dim the lights, and place it in the background. Change the lightbulb to a fancy pink, or blue - make a change for just a week. Adding colours is a huge impact! Have your tried?

Wishing you an ‘enlightened’ week.

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