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Lockdown Diary Day 2

Dear friends,  Spain, if not the entire world, is on a lockdown. What a strange, spooky, situation. We are fine, coping well. It's just the feeling that you are stuck, which is so unusual. I have decided to write a “lockdown diary” every day - please follow on Facebook and/or Instagram. Day 2 // Lockdown diary Spain's Andalusia “Shopping”

Hubby Rene went to the Lidl supermarket around 9.30am. He went on his own as it’s only 1 person per car allowed. Rene was a bit nervous, checked to have his ID card which is necessary, they say. Traffic was normal. He did not see any police car or Guardia civil. Lidls parking place was pretty empty, with only 10 cars. No queues at all. All shelves were stocked up, no shortage not even on toilet paper. He continued to Eroski and was given surgical gloves at entrance.

There was no panic shopping! People were friendly and relaxed. So please don't panic. As long as we are all healthy we should use the lockdown to put things in perspective. What are we usually worried about? Is that necessary? Please find the latest articles about our sightseeing travels in Andalucia, before the lockdown in this blog. Better days are coming, why not start planning already?  Gracias! Salud! Claudia Sabine von Reth

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