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Lockdown Diary Day3

According to the Spanish government, all is closed until March 29. This might be continued. I have decided to write a “Lockdown diary” every day - please sign up for the newsletter, and/or follow on Facebook and/or Instagram. Day 3 // Lockdown diary Spain's Andalusia “Let's E- meet!"

I must admit I am impressed. Within days - if not hours - people in Spain are setting up online meetings, E-learning classes, online Sports courses and E-Chats. During this time of isolation, it’s important to connect and use the power of technology! Nobody is alone! We are all in this together! ..... or -as the Germans say- we are all sitting in the same boat!  For the Ladies, I would like to recommend the "Costa Women" Network. Costa Women was founded by Ali Meehan, and is a community with almost 10.000 women from 127 different nationalities who are  (or dreaming of) living in Spain. There are E-Meetings every day! Yesterday, it was an E-Chat about "Productivity and Happiness". Today (March 18) , there are 2 E-Events: 10.30am (Spanish time) Its the right time to work our your Igikai! 14.30pm (Spanish time) Overcoming obstacles to Sales growth For Yoga and Pilates, please E-connect to Inez Leniere Lopez. She runs her own Yoga Studio in Competa, which is obviously closed now. Therefor, Inez is setting up online classes such as a 20 minutes Pilates class or a YOGA class Links given are Facebook links. This reminds me mentioning that Facebook works incredibly well in Andalusia! Actually all information including events are shared on Facebook. There are countless groups for expats of all countries. I know that not everybody is keen on Facebook, but you ll miss a lot if you don't use it.  You are not alone! E-connect! E-Meet! E-Chat! And when the lockdown is over, we meet again vis-a-vis! Please find the latest articles about our sightseeing travels in Andalucia, before the lockdown in this blog. Better days are coming, why not start planning already?  Gracias! Salud! Claudia Sabine von Reth

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