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Lockdown Diary Day4

It's getting worse

It's getting worse. But not only in Spain. 

- The Football UEFA EURO tournament has been postponed to 2021 - The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has been postponed to 2021.

More and more countries are closing its borders. The entire tourism industry is at stand still. Currently ‘health’ is our biggest concern. But very soon, massive problems for the economy will come up.  For us here in Andalucia, we are wondering how the restaurants coping with the closures? The B&B’s, the retreats (spring time is retreat time !), the fitness studios and last but no least all the self employed therapists - just to name a few. A lot businesses are family owned, what we always liked. Not so many chains, but more individual Chiringuitos and restaurants. Before the closures they were stocked up with food. What do they do now? Please find information about the current situation, what other are saying and something to cheer you up. I hope.  Gracias! Salud! Claudia Sabine von Reth

That's what a friend posted yesterday (March 18), thanks Karen! This gives a good view about how we feel and what we do:

"We’re lucky it’s just the two of us & we have the garden & the terraces. Unfortunately the weather has changed so we can’t sit out in the sun! We’re expecting rain for most of the next week. Going shopping tomorrow, first time for a week. Spent my spare time today meal planning & writing my shopping list & can get most of it locally- we have a fab butchers locally! We love our food so trying to make it as interesting as possible."

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