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Mambo in Torrox

Chiringuito Mambo in Torrox Costa

Not 'Mambo number 5', but certainly 'a little bit of Chiringuito in my life'.

We have visited the Mambo beach restaurant for our „Great Spanish sun lounger test“ middle of July. The main goal that day was to try the huge water slide at the beach in Torrox, and we looked for Chiringuitos close to the beach fun.

We instantly liked Mambo: Friendly and warm welcoming by charming waiters. Good Service. Good Food. We took our time and had lunch, before exploring the water slide which is highly recommended.

Chiringuito Mambo got a 10 out of 10 for welcoming and staff. They could do a bit more decoration and background music, as there is hardly any. Food was good, but not special or extraordinary. We ordered garlic bread for 3 Euros, which was tasty, but tiny - no time for a photo, we were too hungry. Great salad though. Wonderful Espetos - sardinas. Fish and Aioli. All together we rate 8 out of 10 points for food.

After lunch, we moved from our table to the lounger area which was a bit squeezed in the corner. The cocktail Frozen Daiquiri gets only 6.5 out of 10, as it was missing alcohol. But all together Mambo was a nice experience and we would come back again.

No sun loungers taken at Mambo

Time was flying and it was 7 pm already when we were ready to take a seat on the sun loungers. Shame, that they wanted the full price of 5 Euros each for 1 remaining hour. We decided against it and put our towels in the sand. With a bit of a rebate, we would have agreed on a price but there was no interest from the not-too-sympathetic-looking sun lounger guy. No customer service = no business. That's clearly something Andalucia could work on and improve.

"The great Spanish sun lounger test" continues!

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