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Museum of Imagination

There is one museum in Malaga which was on my bucket list for a long time. The MUSEO DE LA IMAGINACIÓ - the Museum of Imagination. In general, I am not too interested in Museums. For me, they are often old-fashioned, I can almost feel the dust of centuries while walking along some aisles looking at paintings from 16th something. Dark. Old. Dusty. Not my world. In general. But:

The Museum of Imagination is different. They say:

“On the inside, we are all children, but we tend to forget about this in our rushing world. In our museum, we suggest that you return to your childhood and plunge headfirst into the world of illusions. Adults can feel like children, and children will become fairy-tale characters.

Visual illusions, music that can be heard not only with your ears, an exciting game of light and shadow … You will find all this and much more in our interactive museum of illusions in Malaga. Remember to bring your camera!!”

As this March is a bit of a rainy and windy month in Andalusia, I decided it’s time to explore the Museum. And what can I say: they did not fail. it was busier than expected on a Monday morning just after 11 am. 10 Euro entrance fee, up to 16 or over 65 is half price. Lockers for jackets and bags are free of charge. Just grab the camera / mobile phone and off we went.

We spent wonderful 1.5 hours and I can highly recommend it. Especially on a rainy day, with children, it’s great fun. You'll surely be impressed with the photos you'll take. The museum is located in Malagas creative Soho, which - itself - is interesting to see.

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