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Never a dull moment

👋 Hi - I am Sabine.

The person behind the blog “Andalusia Mi Amor”

If we haven’t met yet may I introduce myself.

I am German by blood. British by heart. Spanish by choice.

I have been living in the beautiful Axarquia since June 2018.

After 15 years living and working in busy-bubbly London, my husband and I needed a change. We came to the Axarquia by chance. Or guided by the universe? We hadn’t been here before and instantly fell in love with the area.

Now, after almost 3 year’s sabbatical, lots of painting and creative work, sports, and blogging it’s time to get my brain working again.

In the UK we have been the “King and Queen of Oktoberfest 🍺 “, running very successful Bavarian Oktoberfest restaurants all year round. This proven concept we have launched as a global franchise, and we are waiting to be able to travel to the Middle East and Asia to meet potential business partners

As long as traveling is impossible we started to write a book 📚 “The Bavarian Beerhouse story - how a simple sentence “I want a schnitzel” became the largest German restaurant chain in the UK”

But because this is not enough, and our heads are always spinning, we are researching possibilities setting up luxury residential homes for elderly people in the Axarquia. People who are retired, but don’t want to live on their own. #SenLuxResorts

As our friends say: there is never a dull moment with the VonReth.

I am encouraging you to live your dream. Follow your ideas. Not everything turns out with great success but that doesn’t matter. Every Brainstorming is good for you. Be creative. Think out of the box.

What are you up for? What’s your wildest idea? Tell me.

Better an Oops than a WhatIf!

Enjoy your Friday. Sending you love from Andalusia 💓

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