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New kitchen for less money

Aktualisiert: 22. März 2021

In early January we had received the cancellation of our long-term rental contract and started looking for a new home. After 2 months of intensive house-hunting, we found a house we liked. It ticked almost all boxes and wishes. There was only one problem: the kitchen!

The kitchen was a traditional Andalusian farmhouse kitchen. Build with bricks 🧱 , the “worktop” was even made of floor tiles. There were no (or hardly) storage possibilities. The “cupboard” (couldn’t call it cupboard) doors were upgraded from curtains to wooden doors. Hurrah 🥴

Yes we like traditions and Andalusia, but when it comes to the kitchen (and bathroom!) I prefer a modern and practical style. Not to mention: we brought our entire kitchen stuff from London 2 years ago. 30 boxes of everything you could dream of - my husband is a passionate chef and he needs (really? well....) every kitchen tool you can think of.

So what to do: we had found a new home but there was no way to use the kitchen. I spoke to the landlady and she agreed to put in a new kitchen. She was asking me for a budget: without research and without experiences (never had a new kitchen build before) I said “2000euros”. She agreed. We decided that we are paying the new kitchen upfront ourselves, and then deducting 100euros a month from the rent until it’s paid off. Great deal, isn’t it?!

I started researching. We went to IKEA in Malaga, they do free kitchen drawings and quotes when you bring the measurements. I met 2 building companies onsite in the new house. And then:

Oh no. Oops.

All quotes were far beyond my budget of 2000euros. More in between 7000 up to 10.000euros. Impossible, far over budget. I was frustrated. Our moving day was coming closer, and I don’t want to use the kitchen.

On a Saturday evening, I looked through the Facebook marketplace. Did I mention already that Facebook is working very well in the area? Living in London Facebook was just a gimmick but here, you can plan your life around Facebook. Highly recommended. So, checking the marketplace (Facebook‘s buying and selling tool) I noticed lots of second-hand kitchens. At very good prices! And boom - there it was - the kitchen I wanted! The kitchen IKEA designed for us. But second hand - not for 7000, but for 1500.

The next day we went to Torrox Park for the viewing. The entire house was sold by a British couple who left Spain because of Brexit. The new owners had their own kitchen and were selling my dream kitchen hardly used and only 18 months old. Because the worktop was broken, we got the price down to 1100euros including extractor, oven, and gas hob. Bingo! For additional 50euros we arranged to transport the next day.

Now. Building.

As well on Facebook, a German guy had contacted me offering his building service. He said, „he had build kitchens for over 30 years“. He was our man.

It took him 2,5 days to do the job. Take out (smash!) the old Andalusian kitchen completely. Build the new kitchen. Make it nice. Guess what we paid in the end?

A total of 2060euros! New kitchen, builder, bits and bobs like a container to remove the rubbish, .... 2060euros. That was my budget!

Today I am encouraging you to set yourself goals (be precise!), and don’t give up when it looks impossible. Go on and find other solutions.

I am very happy with my new kitchen. We left the breakfast bar - brick wall and we left the blue tiles. That what makes it still Andalusian, but with a modern touch.

Also, I am recommending Christian as a great builder. Born in Germany, he has been living in Andalusia for 30 years. Speaks fluent English, Spanish, and of course German. Get in touch if you need help in your house, pretty sure he can help you.

Quick Fix - Christian Isenberg - lives and works in Benajarafe and the Axarquia.

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