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Olive Harvest in Andalucia

From November until March it’s Olive harvest time in Andalusia. During my walks, I see a lot of farmers picking olives.

I remember: 2 years ago, we just had arrived in Andalusia, my neighbor encouraged me to help her picking Olives. I agreed because I wanted to learn how it’s done. Well. Phew. It’s very fiddly. You pick olive, by olive, by olive. I must admit was not my kind of job, and I gave up after 2 hours. Some weeks later our kind neighbor came over and brought me a bottle of 1 liter freshly pressed olive oil. Very sweet, I thought, as I did not pick that much.

But, how are olives picked?

Read the interesting article written by Casa Olea - a small eco-friendly B&B in the heart of Andalusia

I came across their website while doing olive research. It’s a lovely story, and I think it’s worth a trip when travel will be possible again.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and sending love from Andalusia 💗

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