Puerto de Caleta

Thinking of yacht harbours in Andalusia you probably think of ‘Puerto Banus’, one of the world’s best known Jetset harbours located close to Marbella - home of the super rich and (wanna be?) famous since the 1950th.


If you want to stay away from the roaring Ferrari’s and Russian lady’s in very short dresses (excuse that explanation) you should head to the harbour of Caleta de Velez, 30 Kilometer east of Málaga.

Cosy. Small. Friendly.

An international community of people living on their boats, some all your round. We have been invited to spend an evening with J.P. on his boat. Born in France, Jean-Pierre has been living in Caleta for 11 years. He spoke about the community in the harbour ‘it’s almost like a family’, and that there is a long waiting list of people wanting to get a permanent place for their boat. Just because Caleta harbour is so cosy, and untouched. And surly less expensive then the better known harbours.

The only downside we noticed is the plastic in the water. Although it’s a small harbour there is quite a lot of plastic floating visible on the surface. One reason is -we were told- that the fisherman still disposing their rubbish into the sea. That’s hard to believe, me thinking. Who would pollute it’s own workplace? It seems that there is still a lot of educational work needed.

It was an inspiring international evening with friends living in an apartment front-line to Caleta harbour, and boat owners from various countries, such das France, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. While the sun went down slowly behind the Andalusian hills, we had some vino and tapas, and enjoyed the slight movement of the boat. Being on a boat is always something very special (if you are not sea sick!), and makes you relax and unwind.

That’s the beauty of an expat living, you meet people from all over the world. Listen to their stories. Share ideas. Develop future plans. Rethink own goals. Adapt if necessary. I can only encourage anyone to leave their comfort zone - outside your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens.

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