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Aktualisiert: 15. März 2021

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year 🥵 with 31 degrees in the bright sunshine ☀️ Not bad in the middle of March, he?!

I met my Dutch friend Marielle in Sayalonga for lunch. We have ladies lunch every Friday- it became a regular event and I thoroughly enjoy it. Girls chats, putting the world right and discussing the week with a glass of vino 🍷 = perfect start in the weekend.

Have you been to Sayalonga?

I highly recommend it! It’s one of the small white washed villages in Andalusia. Very charming. Only 8 kilometres from the coast.

There are 3 restaurants in Sayalonga:

Restaurante Mesón Morisco favourite for its steaks 🥩 served on a hot stone!

Restaurante Casa Mari favourite for Pizza 🍕 and yummy Spanish tapas.

Jocavi Restaurante great for breakfast and snacks

To support all 3 restaurants we aim to change every Friday

For me it was a perfect Friday after moving house. You need a break from time to time. Today it’s Saturday, temperatures dropped again and I am back to unpacking boxes 📦

Wishing you a lovely weekend and sending love from Andalusia 💕

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