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Sayalonga - Restaurant Meson Morisco

For the second time this week we went out to a restaurant ­čŹŻ­čŹĚ­čŹ║ It was a spontaneous decision! Having the possibility again -after 9 weeks of lockdown- to go for dinner spontaneously almost made me cry. I didnÔÇÖt realise how much I missed it until we did it last night.

So. Dinner in our local restaurant in Sayalonga. Have you been to @aytosayalonga ? If not put it in your list. ItÔÇÖs beautiful. A tiny white washed village with around 4000 inhabitants, 8 kilometres from the coast. A beautiful scenic road brings you there. Sayalonga is the home of Nispero, a delightful, underrated fruit, known in English as 'the Loquat'.

The center is a market place with 2 restaurants. Jocavi is still closed, while Meson Morisco is open.

­čôîAs no printed menus are allowed, the waiter brought a tablet with 2 gloves for us to tap on the tablet and check the menu. ThatÔÇÖs another idea, instead of using QR code stickers, which we had seen in the Chiringuito BereBere on Wednesday.

We opted for our favourite dish: steaks ­čąę on a hot stone with salad and fries. ­čśő It was delicious. I love the hot stones just because you do the steak exactly the way you want it. Medium? Well done? You decide.

The atmosphere was still a bit quite. Half of the tables were occupied, with lots of Spanish people having drinks only. The waiter Rafael - usually a talkative nice chap - seemed a bit sad and quite. Because of the entire situation, we were guessing ­čśö

We enjoyed our night out! We enjoyed our spontaneous decision. We enjoyed supporting our local community. We would like to encourage you to support your local, they need us now more than ever ­čĺô Next on our list is Restaurant Casa Marie - the 3rd restaurant in Sayalonga

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