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Summer time

Happy and joyful summer days in Andalusia. It’s hot 🥵 but we enjoy the sea breeze and the possibility to go swimming several times a day. I have spent the day in a BeachClub in Torre del Mar, Bere Bere. I have paid EURO5 for a sunlounger including an umbrella for the day, which is a good price, me thinking.

The beach guards with their red shorts reminded me of Baywatch, the famous 90th TV series starring David Hasselhoff. I was told that you get decend training of 2 weeks to do the job, and you are paid EURO1900 a month. Rumours or truth? I don't know.

Favourite drink: Tinto Verano 🍷

Favourite food: Sardines on a stick #espetos

Favourite book: the Sun Sister by Lucinda Riley

Favourite Sport: sunrise Yoga 🧘‍♀️

Enjoy summer 2020. although it’s different it’s still beautiful.

Do you agree?

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