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The great Spanish Sun Lounger test

Summer 21. My friend Marielle and I have decided to test sun loungers at the beaches in Andalusia this summer. What qualifies us?

I am German - which means I am the godmother of towels! The expert in putting beach towels onto a sun lounger at 6am in the morning to reserve my space when I come to the beach around midday. That’s what all Germans do, you know it. And don’t you dare to take my towel away!

Marielle is Dutch. She is a qualified expert in all sorts of camping, caravaning and mobile homes. Including portable sun loungers. The Dutch carry half of their household around Europe, she knows exactly what it needs to spend a day on the beach.

Watch out for us beach babes. We'll be on testing duty every Friday around Andalusia.

Let us know your favorite beach club and if you have a special question. We find out for you!

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