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Thoughts from Andalusia

Some thoughts crossing my mind:

- It’s a bit chilly in Andalusia today, with clouds and only ~ 15 degrees 🥶

- Its only one month until Christmas 🎄 I follow the news and all the discussions in Spain, the UK, Germany... We would love to welcome family, my husband’s brothers want to visit. It would be the first reunion of all 3 brothers after 20 years. Are they allowed to come? Do they face quarantine after travelling back to Germany and Switzerland? Are the flights cancelled again?

So many questions are still unanswered. “How many people are allowed to meet at Christmas’. ‘From how many households?”

I think we are all waiting. For answers regarding Christmas. For this year to come to an end. Is a vaccination the final answer? Are we restricted if we don’t want the vaccine? No, I am not going into details: this blog is supposed to be cheerful and inspiring.

Heavy Rain ☔️ expected tomorrow in Andalusia. We are not getting our brollies our, we just stay at home and put the fire 🔥 on.

Sending love from Andalusia 💓

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