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Wine Tasting

Aktualisiert: 3. Nov. 2021

It was the Halloween weekend end of October, and I had teamed up with Winederlust, a wine tasting company in Malaga. Together we organized a wine tasting, but not a usual wine tasting!

A wine tasting at the English cemetery in Malaga! Yes - wine tasting next to graves and tombs, and in front of a church.

First: Guided Tour!

Before the tasting, we had arranged a guided tour of the cemetery. Highly recommended! Most of the visitors used printed maps to identify the poor souls, but we had Caroline, a British Lady with immense knowledge about the cemetery. Caroline took us around for a good hour, showed us details you would have missed, and explained the history. Price 5 Euros per each, well worth it.

Then: The wine tasting

Linda from Winederlust is British and organizes her wine tastings in an entertaining and joyful way. Rather than explaining everything about grapes, she is making it personal telling the stories about the vineyards and the people behind the scenes. We tasted 6 wines, 2 white, 1 rose, 2 red, and 1 sweet dessert wine. All from different vineyards in Spain.

A Charcuterie - snack box - was served with the tasting and plenty of water. And then:

Huch! Rain!

Huch! (German expression for being very surprised).

Just before the dessert sweet wine it started raining. Well, not really raining, but a few drops from the sky. Guess what we did? We moved into the church to continue the tasting! Can you imagine: A wine tasting in a church, that's very holy, me thinking.

Thanks, Linda and her team from Winederlust for a wonderful day. Tickets were 26 Euro per person. If you fancy Spanish wine tastings in a spooooky - or shall I say HOLY - surrounding - take a look at upcoming events.

We ll watch out, too, and will see you again very soon.

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