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Winter jacket and Bikini

It’s the end of October in Andalusia- that’s exactly what it is ⬇️

From freezing temperatures in the morning 🥶 (Ok, it’s about 16 degrees, not too bad). Until hot weather in the afternoon 🥵 (at 2.30pm it’s 39 degrees in the sun and we have to sit in the shade).

We turned the clock ⏰ back last weekend and at 6pm the temperatures dropping again and we are moving indoors and turn the heating on. Sunset is at around 7pm these days.

So. In between winter jackets 🧥 and bikini 👙- from Andalusia with love 💓

#andaluciamiamor #axarquiamiamor #sabineinspain #loveandalucia #andalusialiving

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