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WhooHoo Flying over Andalucia!

Well, not flying flying, but Ziplining. Have you done it? What is it?

Wikipedia says:

A zip-line, zip line, zip-wire, or zip-power-line is a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope. It is designed to enable cargo or a person propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to or being attached to, the freely moving pulley. It has been described as essentially a Tyrolean traverse that engages gravity to assist its speed of movement. Its use is not confined to adventure sport, recreation, or tourism, although modern-day usage tends to favor those meanings.

Ok. In other words and in modern Andalusian days: it’s great fun! At least supposed to be great fun.

Near Malaga - in Alhaurin de la Torre - is the largest double (!) zip line in Andalucia. I was quite excited when a friend organized and booked a day trip on a Saturday middle of February. Being scared of heights, I am always aiming for activities to fight these negative feelings. Off we went. Ziplining here we come.

It was a 45 minutes drive from the Axarquia where we live, and - of course - the more we talked in the car, the more nervous we became. My concern was the position: I had done Ziplining before in Hawaii, and even in the rainforest in Laos, Southeast Asia, but always in a seated position. Here in Malaga, you go head first, laying in the harnesses. Really? I was sure I am getting sick!

When we arrived at the SunView Adventure Park we watched others ziplining down and for a split second I thought "I pull out!". Can't do ziplining head first! Well, of course, I could.

But first, we went to pay. 25 Euros per person, 10% discount for a group of 10+. I opted for a GoPro on my helmet to film my experience for an additional 10 Euro. Back to the ziplining hut, we were tight into the harnesses and were given the helmets. Off the starting point. LAY DOWN head first *gulp* and wait for a few minutes (or maybe only seconds?) to start flying. My heart rate was at maximum.

A click.

And off it goes.



Not very fast.

Not very steep.

I had expected screaming my lungs out - but nope. Nothing. It was a smooth ziplining down the cable. I had the time (and the nerves) to check the area, even watch the birds. It was far less wild I expected. Clearly adventurous. But good to manage without being petrified or scared. Within less than 2 minutes you are at the finish line.

I am pleased we did it! It's a good activity for families, and partners/couples because of the double zipline. Give it a go, you ll enjoy it

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